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During his visit to Madrid, we were able to spend some time with this 29 year old Englishman, whose name generates more than 80 million results in Google . Although he was not stressed : “I think I keep a low profile. I see my career as a staircase : each time you go up a step you say ! ‘How cool ‘ but then you look up and see what you still have left, and you [damn it]. So even though I love the character and I feel very fortunate to be in a successful franchise like this , I think I have to be careful and smart with the next steps I take . Because I’d like to have a long career, and that requires continually reinventing yourself” he explains.

James is not your typical Hollywood heartthrob. Educated, very (but very) funny , outspoken and, yes, wickedly handsome, is like that colleague you wanna hate for being perfect, but you cannot . So much for his charm. “In recent years I have been living like a nomad , but it is very important for me to keep close to my friends life and my family , because it is the people you can trust and don’t give a shit about your fame. It is very dangerous to get into the dynamics of the parties and the cool people because … what is real in that? ” He reflects.

1. Must-haves in your closet
A watch. I am a big fan of watches. My grandfather started with this hobby, it was passed on to my father and then to me . I’ve never seen them without a watch , so I never leave home without one. I like to have a collection, but they are very expensive and so far had not had much income. I was very angry because my grandfather had one precious which my father inherited, and my father gave it to my brother. The curse of being the second child.

2. Do you follow a routine for your look?
I like classic clothing. There are people who look good with riskier designs, but I feel more comfortable with tailored suits , good patterns , and lifetime brands. It’s not boring , but classic with a contemporary twist.

3. A benchmark of style
Steve McQueen seems to me like a good reference , because he had this ability to pretend to give a shit about his style , yet always showed loads of class.

4. Female icon
My mother.

5. Gadget you cannot live without
I’ll try to think of something less obvious than my iPhone …my GPS!

6. Do you use social networks?

7. A weekend getaway
Depends on where you are. From London , I like to escape to Paris, which takes a couple of hours, and the New Forest. And from Los Angeles, to Big Sur. I would do it on a motorcycle. And New York in summer.

8. Your favorite holiday
I went to India once with a girlfriend , backpacking , and I had a blast. It was crazy .

9. A film
One of my favorites is ‘Shine , a flash of genius ‘ , based on the life of pianist David Helfgott . I can watch it again and again .

10. A book
I’m reading ‘The Heart of Darkness ‘ by Joseph Conrad. I love Hemingway.

11. What ‘s on your Ipod ?
Right now I ‘m really stoked with Hozier , a mix of Bon Iver with Jeff Buckley, but with so much soul … Very interesting. I’m Indie , yes, but I also like jazz. I had a rock band .

12. Your favorite TV show
Right now, ‘ True Detective ‘ .

13. A cocktail bar
Honestly, I’m more of a pubs man

14. A Restaurant
There is a French cafe in New York that I love, Bouvette .

15. What does a GQ Man must have?
It should be class.


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