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Annie By March 09, 2015 0 Comments

After shooting Divergent together, Shailene Woodley and her onscreen boyfriend Theo James are loving the way Tris and Four’s relationship is developing.

When asked about the progression of their relationship in Insurgent at the film’s junket in Beverly Hills, Calif. Friday, Shailene told reporters, “One of the reasons I fell in love so deeply with Divergent was Tris and Four’s relationship because it was grounded in truth and respect and authenticity and it wasn’t based on surface level physical attraction or infatuation.”

“Tris and Four saw each other as individuals they were inspired by, individuals that they were intrigued by, there was a sense of mystique about them,” she continued. “I loved that in Insurgent, their relationship was rocky, it’s not 100%, it’s not every time they see each other they feel safe and they feel protected. They’re able to be vulnerable, they put up walls against each other and that happens in relationships. Everything has an ebb and a flow and I thought that was one of the smartest things [author Veronica Roth] could’ve gifted to the young adult world.”

Theo also gushed over the duo’s relationship, adding, “I like the fact that they have mutual respect for one another. I think this movie is different from the first in the sense that in the first Shai’s character is kind of playing catch up in a way because she’s introduced to this world, and you kind of don’t know where Four is coming from.”

“He’s kind of elusive, whereas in this movie, he’s almost trying to quell her revenge for the death of her parents and her family,” he continued. “So, I think the relationship is different in the sense that they have a mutual respect for each other and her femininity is attracted to his masculinity and the other way around. She’s a very strong female but at the same time she’s also very feminine at the same time.”

In this film, Shailene and Theo not only have an intimate scene together, but their fighting skills go up a notch as they try to take down Erudite leader Jeanine. Are you excited to see Insurgent? Tell us in the comments!


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